About the Author

Ava Dunne believes that love is both fun and funny. She believes in love, laughter, mystery, and magic. She mixes romance with comedy, mystery, fantasy, myth, and more. She also publishes under a half a dozen names in fiction and non-fiction!

Her multi-media romantic comedy, GLAMOROUS HEARTS, commissioned by HEREAFTER, is set in the New York City and Newport, RI of 1921.

Her stories set in Congress Corners, NY, “Driven to Change” and “Dream Layers” appeared in EMERGING WOMEN WRITERS, and “Holiday Wish List,” set in Paris with peripheral characters in that ensemble, was a free download in 2008 for regular readers. “Impressions,” about a grant writer moving to Cape Cod, also appeared in EMERGING WOMEN WRITERS.

“Just Jump in and Fly” is a short comic/romantic/fantasy  featuring Samantha Wright and the sexy Kris Teague, who, with his uncle crash-lands a sleigh and eight not-so-small reindeer on Samantha’s front lawn. It’s available on multiple digital channels  here for 99 cents. Watch the video on this site’s Media Page.

The Twinkle Tavern Mysteries are set in Vermont, featuring widowed Gloria Dunkirk, her smart teenage son Max, and her crush, the sexy local detective Dean Eastlake. The  first Twinkle Tavern Mystery “Plot Bunnies” is available on multiple digital channels here for 99 cents. Watch the video on this site’s Media Page.

Previous short works include:
“Holiday Wish List” — Aunt Doris and Cassio as they spent their first Christmas together in Paris, while back in Congress Corners, Liza dealt with the appearance of shady relatives who claimed Lucifer. A special download for fans, no longer  in print.

“Impressions” — the tale of a grant writer who escapes her life in Manhattan, with her dogs, for a new life on the salt marshes of Cape Cod. Published in Emerging Women Writers magazine, April 2005.

Glamorous Hearts, set in New York and Newport in 1921, a multi-media romantic comedy was commissioned by Hereafter, a Canadian Company, in 2004.

“Driven to Change” — about a woman facing divorce, was published by Emerging Women Writers in December 2004.

“Dream Layers” was published by Emerging Women Writers in November 2004.

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