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Savasana At Sea — Book 1

Smart. Intelligent. Sexy. Yoga Instructor Sophie Batchelder’s wonderful life gets turned upside down when she’s fired from her job and dumped by her fiancé in the same day. Grabbing the opportunity to assist the yoga instructor on a cruise ship headed for the Bahamas for ten days, she discovers her predecessor’s body, and the rumors that she’s taking over in that predecessor’s blackmail operation put her own life in danger. She must use intelligence, humor, and intuition to clear her name and save her own life.

Along the way, she’s swept up in the frenetic, stressful, life that happens beyond the “employees only” door of a cruise ship, and finds romantic possibilities and disappointments. Can she live a yogic path and survive cruise ship life? Which of the sexy new men in her life should she trust — Sebastian Anger, the engineer, who has secrets, but who makes her heart flutter with either pleasure or rage? Andrew, the nurse who goes out of his way to be friendly to her, no matter what the rumors? Or Detective Duncan Cooke, with the limp, the bedroom eyes, and the five o’clock shadow? Or Dhruv, the head of the Charisma’s security, who might have his own agenda to protect the ship at all costs?

Published by Bluestockings and Gentlemen Press, digitally released in Nov. 2017.
Digital version $3.99. Universal buy link.
Print release TBD

I headed back down to the laundry, tripping on the top step down to Zero deck from the deck above it. I’d traveled up and down the miles of crew stairs enough where I should have expected that weird step, but every time, I snagged my foot and had to catch myself on the rail. I steadied myself without dropping anything, and made it back to the laundry room, where I dumped the next load of blankets, handed Merhati another twenty, and picked up the ones I’d left earlier. At least they were perfectly folded, although the stack was so high, I couldn’t see where I was going.

I turned and bumped into someone entering with bulging bags of laundry. “Oof! Sorry!”

“No, my fault, I couldn’t see where I was going,” said Sebastian. “Merhati, can you fit me in this evening?”

“Thirty-five dolla.”

“Thirty-five?” Sebastian teased. “Last week, it was eighteen.”

“Last week, you brought me chocolate from port.” Merhati’s eyes gleamed with laughter.

“Thirty-five it is, and I’ll buy you something special in Nassau,” Sebastian promised.

“Then, maybe next time, only ten dolla.” Merhati grinned.

I left them to it, and headed back to the stairs that led from zero deck up through the decks and back to the studios. I thought I’d walked a lot living in New York City, but one day on the ship was equivalent to about a week in the concrete canyons.

The corridor smelled bad, like open garbage. The cleaners didn’t wash the crew halls multiple times a day likethey did those on the passenger side of the ship. The garbage room was on this level, but it smelled fine when I came through a few minutes ago. Maybe someone dropped their dinner and hadn’t yet had a chance to clean it up? Or left it for someone else to clean up?

My foot hit something soft and unyielding at the bottom of the stairs. I couldn’t see what it was, and couldn’t see how to get around it. I turned, glancing at the obstacle, in hopes of moving it with my foot.

It was Geri, lying at the bottom of the stairs, her eyes open, her head at an unnatural angle.

I stared at her in shock. For a split second, I wondered if I was hallucinating. Why would Geri be down here? I remembered that tricky step. Had she tripped? Why didn’t she call for help? Part of me knew, even in that first moment, the answer, but I didn’t want to believe it.

I dropped the blankets and fell to my knees. “Geri? Geri!” I felt for a pulse, although I knew there wasn’t one. She was just starting to cool, an odd, clammy sensation after life, but not the full dead cold yet.

I screamed.


Released Nov. 2017.  Savasana at Sea Media Kit.


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