Meet The Passengers

With only a thousand passengers per voyage, the Diamond Line prides itself on smaller shipboard community and more personalized service. While we can’t share the full passenger list from each voyage, here are some of the key individuals in each adventure.

Savasana at Sea — NY-Bahamas (10 Days)

Lydia — shy and bookish, in her early teens, she is on the cruise with her newly-married father and stepmother. This is her first time doing yoga.

Duncan Cooke — Homicide Detective with the NYPD. On the cruise as part of his rehab after getting shot on the job. Still limping and has to use a cane.

Neil Wallace — frequent cruise guest, and yoga practitioner. Understands cruise life, and quick to praise to management when something works.

Stella and Bartholomew Orsini — a couple as elegant and fun as something out of a Golden Age Hollywood Movie. They love the high life, while still being kind. But perhaps they are not all that they seem? Or perhaps they are more than what they seem.

Kristina Murray — award-winning actress, VIP guest. Requires private yoga lessons. Married to Orrin Flaherty. Dedicated Yoga practitioner. Carries an aura of sadness about her. Here with her husband on vacation.

Orrin Flaherty — award-winning actor. VIP guest. Married to Kristina Murray. Determined to protect his wife’s health and remain low key.

Bridey — a lively woman of a Certain Age, traveling with a Red Hat group. Yoga practitioner.

Bridey’s Suitor — an older gentleman who takes a shine to Bridey on the cruise and always sets his mat beside hers in class.

Luke — recently returned from multiple tours of duty in the Middle East, this ex-marine is trying to reconnect with his family and find some solace in regular yoga and meditation practice.

Melodie — a bridesmaid on the ultimate pre-wedding blowout, she uses the yoga studio to keep grounded and sober up.

Joshua — a groomsman with a different stag party. Comes to yoga to combat stress and hangovers.

Brenda — traveling with Neil Wallace.

Natalie — another teen, based in Montana. Befriends Lydia at the rock-cllimbing wall.

Special Agent Anna Vallejo — she and her partner, Burt Madigan, join the ship at Nassau, to investigate the murder. FBI.

Special Agent Burt Madigan — also FBI, Anna Vallejo’s partner.